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Seaford Golf Club

Dress Code

We recognise that fashions change but kindly ask that members, guests and visitors be appropriately and presentably dressed when on the course and in the clubhouse. For guidance:

On the course

Golfers to wear smart casual golf clothing that would be recognised as such by most clubs and generally available for purchase in professionals’ shops and golf stores. This does not include jeans, cargo pants/shorts, vests or football shirts.

Men may wear tailored shorts with either long socks, predominantly white sports socks or trainer socks. Shirts are to be worn tucked in unless designed to be worn outside as with some ladies’ shirts. Golf shoes with soft spikes or moulded soles are required.

In the Clubhouse

Smart Casual Clothing is acceptable and you are asked to both follow and respect the majority of the members and visitors by complying with this.

Tailored shorts and deck shoes may be worn but hats, beach flip-flops, trainers, tracksuits and denim jeans are not considered to be smart casual nor are collarless tee-shirts.

We would ask you not to wear damp, torn or dirty golfing attire in the clubhouse and golf shoes are only permitted when buying drinks or ordering food for consumption on the patio.


The club wishes to encourage and enthuse young players so some flexibility will be accepted for juniors, particularly if non-members and/or whilst undergoing instruction.