Guests' Comments

Rodney - July 2020
In July I was amongst the first guests back at the Dormy House, and being amongst a group of older golfers, naturally concerned at Covid 19 arrangements. My mind was put at rest immediately. Clearly a huge amount of skill and thought had gone in. Everything was done very professionally and safely. Entrances and exits were separate. There were safety screens. Social distancing at the tables did not spoil the atmosphere. The staff wore masks where appropriate, the rooms were spotless and there were ample hand sanitisers. The secretary and his team are to be congratulated. Best Wishes. Yours ever, Rodney
Steven - September 2019
I would like to add the thanks of all who attended this year's LMEGA Past Captains Competition at Seaford.   I am inundated with emails saying how much everyone enjoyed the course, the club, the hospitality and the excellent food. We will be coming back next year. Could you offer us either 9-10th September or 16th-17th or 23rd-24th? Kindest regards Steven
Bob - September 2019
I know that the LMEGA has now enjoyed 3 years at Seaford GC for its annual past captains event, but for various reasons I was unable to play in the first two events. I just wanted to say how much pleasure I had this year in playing in the event. The golf course was in excellent condition but more importantly our stay was enjoyed by all with the excellent food, service, and helpfulness of all the staff at Seaford.  I congratulate you all and certainly will not be missing any future events held at Seaford GC. With kind regards Bob