As you probably know on the 2nd November the CONGU golf handicapping system changes to the World Handicapping System.

If you would like to have a look at your new handicap (which could alter between now and the 2nd of November) click here for the information sheet created by our Lady Member Liz Street (thank you Liz)

What you need to know about your handicap

Your “Handicap” is now called your “Handicap Index” and can be used on any course in the world.

How to use your Handicap Index?

The big change; on each golf course you play there will be a Rating Table in the proshop, clubhouse or on the first tee, you check your new Handicap Index against the Course Index and that is your handicap for the course you are playing.

Example: A player playing off the Yellow tees at Seaford with a Handicap Index of 15 will play off a Course Handicap of 16 as Seaford is deemed a difficult course to play compared to the average.

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9/11/20 - The Handicaps section in Howdidido is now showing players' Handicap Indexes.